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As featured in The Sunday Times, Talk TV, Heat, The Daily Mail, Bella, PodBible, Stylist Magazine & Glamour

Self Care Club podcast is part reality, part experiment - With self care becoming yet another overwhelming job for women, Lauren Mishcon and Nicole Goodman debunk a self care practice every week, and report back on the results.

From boundaries to medicinal mushrooms, coping with anxiety to cold showers, self love and body confidence and learning how to say ‘no’ there is no subject left uncovered and you get to decide what is worth investing your time and money in.

Lauren and Nicole debunk the world of wellness and uncover what self care and wellbeing really looks like.


f you want to put more energy into taking care of your wellness and mental health, but you feel intimidated by the sheer amount of options available to you then this book is for you.

For the last four years, Self Care Club podcast creators Lauren Mishcon and Nicole Goodman have tested out a form of self-care every week, and reported the results to their listeners. In a world full of wellness warriors, potions and lotions, health fads and bubble baths, all promising to make you feel better, Lauren and Nicole use their experiences to debunk the wellness world and bring true, authentic self-care centre stage. They know what works, what doesn't and what is worth your time and energy.


Have You Tried This? is packed with effective practices that cost nothing and take very little time. Every practice included has been tried and tested by Lauren and Nicole (with varying results!). Their unlikely friendship offering two very unique perspectives on the same activity!

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We release twice a week so you can always get your wellness prescription. 

Here is how the week looks at the club:


Monday - The Main Show. Lauren and Nicole investigate the topic of the week bringing the benefits, downsides and research behind it and discuss their own personal findings.

Friday - The Weekly Wellness Roundup Show. Lauren and Nicole bring all the news from the wellness world, what's going viral and what’s trending on Tiktok keeping you up to date with what's happening in the world of self care.


They also share recommendations of products, podcasts, books, films and TV shows that they are currently enjoying. 

Self Care Club now also features on Castbox

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