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Self Care Club release shows twice a week putting women's wellness front and centre. 

​On Monday’s show - the main show of the week - Lauren and Nicole discuss the practice of the week- explaining it in depth, with all the benefits, downsides and scientific research, before sharing their experience and deciding whether it’s worthy of coming into the club.

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On Friday, Self Care Club is back with a fast paced fun show to share the latest in wellness news, give the listeners their weekly product, beauty, food and drink, book, podcast and TV recommendations and to hear feedback from their lovely listeners, making the show an inclusive community for people wanting to invest into themselves.


Self Care Club has become a valuable tool for those who want to put more energy into taking care of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, but who might be intimidated by the sheer amount of options available to them. The practices are accessible to all and delivered in an honest, witty, warming and light hearted format. 


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Lauren Mishcon

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Lauren Mishcon is a broadcaster and author.  She worked as a Birth Doula for 17 years supporting hundreds of women to achieve the positive birth experiences they deserve and to feel empowered to make their own choices in childbirth. 


Lauren was the editor of The Doula Magazine for four years and hosted a weekly radio show on WRS. She was the Doula Expert for Pregnancy & Birth Magazine from 2009-2011 and writes freelance around pregnancy and birth for magazines. 

Lauren has featured in The Telegraph Magazine, Vanity Fair, Bella, The Daily Mail, Heat, The Independent, Grazia Daily, Elle and Balance Magazine as well as on television on NBC’s Today Show and the Tonight show for ITV. She enjoys cooking, walking with her dog, being out in nature and really trashy TV. Lauren lives in London with her husband, their three sons and Barker the springer spaniel. 

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Nicole Goodman

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Nicole Goodman is a certified women’s identity expert and coach, broadcaster and author. 

Nicole has worked with women one-on-one for over 25 years. She has an intimate understanding of how they feel, where they struggle,how to support them to change their internal dialogue from one where they feel they aren’t good enough, into knowing that they are, exploring what they really want and discovering who they really are.

Nicole helps women get real and stay honest through self-care and self-acceptance reminding them of their own power and putting them back in charge of their lives. She has featured in Glamour, Bella, The Daily Mail and Heat.


Nicole is passionate about fitness and can be found in the gym most days. When she’s not lifting weights, she is watching The Real Housewives. She lives in London with her husband and two daughters and their beautiful dog, Miley. 

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